Helight™ Sleep


Since the dawn of time, sunset has been the universal signal for falling asleep.


Recent scientific discoveries prove that the red emitted by the sunset is the most beneficial component of the natural light spectrum for falling asleep. So we reproduced it.

Helight™ Sleep is the first solution in the world to diffuse this pure red at 630 nanometers to promote sleep.

Unique, it thus helps to improve the quality of sleep while reducing the negative consequences of blue light from our screens and other artificial lighting, to which we are all increasingly exposed on a daily basis.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for everyone, even children
  • Programmable intensity according to your preference
  • Rechargeable via micro USB port
  • Total duration of a cycle: 28 minutes (14 min, then gradual extinction)
  • Battery: 1200mAh Li-ion
  • Autonomy: 28 cycles
  • Time to full charge: 3 hours
  • Wavelength: 630nm
  • Electrical power: 5V – 1A (5W)
  • Absence of photobiological risk
  • USB cable included